Welcome to the Fighting MS blog!

This blog will cover my personal journey fighting and hopefully beating my multiple sclerosis diagnosis, through effective treatments, nutrition, and exercise. I will also talk about interesting research being done in the field of MS and other autoimmune diseases.

The goal of this blog is to spread awareness about multiple sclerosis and motivate others in the same situation.

“Pain is certain, suffering is optional.”

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HSCT – Day 17 – Infusion of stem cells, a new chance at life

Today was for me one of the most anticipated days of the whole treatment. They have officially given me back the stem cells they harvested from me at the beginning of this Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation treatment. After wiping out my old immune system with chemotherapy. Watch how they do it in this video So …


This blog is about spreading awareness about multiple sclerosis, and to give insight into my life living with MS.

Explaining MS to people and making them understand is not easy, so referring them to this blog instead is a way for me to try and make people understand what’s actually going on.