HSCT – Day 1 – Check-in

As you might have figured from the title, I have decided to go for HSCT treatment to have a chance at stopping the disease. I was supposed to publish other posts before this one to explain what MS and HSCT is, but I won’t publish them before I am done fact-checking. It’s important for me to be factual, because I want to help others make the best decision based on facts, and not hopeium.

National Pirogov Medical Surgical Center in Moscow

Today was my first day at The A.A. Maximov Hematology and Cell Therapy Department, National Pirogov Medical Surgical Center in Moscow. These guys are one of the best in the world when it comes to HSCT treatment, if not the best. And have treated more than 800 patients over 10 years, with an average success rate of 85-95% for RRMS patients. Success in this regard means that after 4 years, you have remained relapse-free and in remission. For comparison, the same statistic for traditional disease-modifying drugs (standard MS treatment protocols), is 18%. Meaning only 18% of patients treated with DMD’s have remained relapse-free measured for 4 years after treatment. These medications are thus regarded as “slow-down” medication, and nothing more. In the end, the disease will catch up with you if you choose to go for DMD’s. I will go more in detail on HSCT in a dedicated post.

The room

Room overview

Every patient has their own room which they will live in during all stages of the treatment. The room contains an adjustable bed, TV, desk, microwave oven, water boiler, fridge and some storage space for clothes, food or other stuff you wish to store. You also have a separate bathroom with a toilet and shower.

The windows are locked (because this is sterile environment), and the incoming air from the vents are filtered.

First examination – ECG

On this first day, I also had my first examination, which was an Electrocardiography or ECG for short. The examination was performed by a lovely lady and consists of placing some electrodes on your legs, arms, and chest to record the electrical activity of the heart. Hopefully my heart is good enough to go through with this treatment.

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