HSCT – Day 2 – Pre-examinations

Yesterday was the “big examination day”. You see before being approved for HSCT, they will do a number of examinations to determine if you are healthy enough to go through with the procedure.

The day started with a blood test to check full blood count and to do a biochemistry screening. This was done by one of the lovely nurses at the “HSCT” department. I also did a mouth and nose swab test to do a bacterial and virus screening.


After this I was sent to another department to do a Spirogram, to check lung function. Next up was taking X-rays of the lungs and sinuses. Followed by ultrasound imaging examinations of the kidneys, abdomen, and heart. A Doppler ultrasound of the main arteries to check for blood flow obstructions (blood clots) was also done.

There was also taken new MR images. This is probably the part I’m most excited about when it comes to these tests. I can’t wait to get my hands on the new images and go through them with Dr. Federenko. The thing that makes these images exciting is the fact that they are much more detailed than the images taken in Norway. This is because their equipment is better basically. MRI machine “strength” is measured in a unit called Tesla. The Russians use Tesla 3, while in Norway we use Tesla 1,5. Norwegian doctors might try and convince you that “we have Tesla 3 in Norway as well. This might be true, but they only use this strength when doing MR images of prostates. So I’m kind of excited to get to know if there are more lesions in my brain/spine than is presented on the Norwegian MRI’s.

I also delivered a urin and stool sample, FYI.

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