HSCT – Day 10 – Finishing up the harvest and removing the neck catheter

As planned I continued my stem cell harvesting today, and it’s the same procedure as yesterday. So there is nothing new and exciting to write about that, but I did, however, get my hair cut.

How you like me now?

Small issue

There was a small issue during today’s stem cell harvest. The blood in two of the collection bags on the machine coagulated, which is not suppose to happen. So the process had to be stopped. Which ment today’s harvest ended prematurely. The bags containing the extract of stem cells were unaffected.

You don’t want these clots inside your veins, do you?

Luckily for me, my body had produced enough stem cells already, which had been collected by the machine before the incident. So this minor hiccup does not delay the schedule. I have now harvested about 140 million hematopoietic stem cells from my own body that can be reinfused after the chemotherapy has done its job.

Neck catheter removal

Here’s how removing the catheter from the external jugular vein looks like:

FYI, I don’t speak Russian, so that makes the whole experience more interesting for me! 😀

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