HSCT – Day 11 – Recoup and a new catheter

Today is a slow day, the only thing on the agenda is to get a new central venous catheter installed in preparation for tomorrow’s chemo. The main difference between the catheter they used for stem cell harvesting and this one, is it’s 3 internal chambers. So it’s like a “3-in-1” tube. This is useful because they can give chemo and steroids at the same time, and also draw blood when needed. The sky is the limit!

I don’t have a video of this procedure, because it’s basically the same as the last one. At first, they tried to use the same jugular vein on my right side where the previous catheter was installed. But that didn’t work very well, as they weren’t able to get it in. So they tried my subclavian vein on the right side instead, still no luck. Apparently, my veins were too small.

After 2 failed attempts they sent me to an X-ray to make sure there were no internal issues, like blood in the lungs or something similar. I was fine.

They eventually attempted my left side jugular vein, and it was a success.

So now I look like this:

They do eventually put on a more sturdy bandage, which makes it feel a lot better to dance around with.

Fun fact: The central venous catheter tube is 30cm long in my case, which brings it very close to the heart.

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