HSCT – Day 13 – Chemo continues

Regarding to the chemotherapy protocol, this day is the same as the previous day.

Me and Anastasia the nurse, giving me some delicious chemo

I’m honestly quite surprised I haven’t felt any side effects yet, in fact, I feel better than ever! Probably because of the supportive drugs, but heck I’ll take it!

Since there is not much to tell about the chemo itself, let me show you where the blog-magic happens instead.

Hospital room
Quite cozy if I may say so myself


Nutrition during chemo is pretty much the usual balanced diet they already serve at the hospital. But they have started giving you some shakes to make sure you get some essential nutrients. Some people lose appetite during chemo so it’s a good alternative just to get something into your body.

The feeding schedule

9 am: Breakfast

Breakfast, porridge, bread
Porridge and bread

11 am: Piece of fruit and some juice

2 pm: Lunch

Lenses, mushrooms, beets and meat in a delicious sauce, followed by a classic Russian borscht soup

Dinner: 6 pm

Dinner, fish
Fish, potatomash and veggies

The shakes

Supportan shake

During chemotherapy, they will give you a nutritional shake you can have if you want. The shake’s brand name is “Supportan” and comes with a tropical and cappucino flavor. It’s essentially a meal replacement for cancer patients.

Contents per bottle / 200ml:

  • Total energy: 300 kcal
  • Fat: 13.4 g
  • Carbohydrates: 23g
  • Protein: 20g
  • Fiber: 3g

You can find full nutritional information on the product here.

Walking outside

During this chemo time, we are allowed to walk wherever you want basically. So I have been doing some strolls to get some movement in. Here is a picture of me exploring the nearby premises.

Just chilling! I am wearing a mask at all times when I’m outside as a precaution. It would be a bad idea to get sick someway during this time when I’m in the process of killing of my immune system.

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