HSCT – Day 16 – Day off after chemotherapy

Today is my first day off after starting the chemotherapy treament. And it’s also the first time I’ve started to feel some side effects.

In general I have woken up at 6-7 am with a lot of energy, but today I’m feeling kinda tired and sick in my stomach. Nausea I think they call it.

I got woken by the lovely nurse Elena to do some blood tests.

I love the fact that I can just lay there in bed while she tap’s into my neck catheter, its so convenient!

Next up was a delicious oatmeal breakfast followed by a handfull of pills.

These pills are basically antibiotics, antifungal, anti bacteria and some other stuff I haven’t figured out yet!

After the pills another lady came in to give me an electrocardiograph to check my heart rhythm, which apparently still looks fine

ECG results
Looks good to me

After this test is another infusion with mesna and aprepitant (supportive drugs).

Followed by injection with a diuretic to make you lose some of that water bloat from the steroids you got during chemo. And to top it off they always inject some anticoagulant into the catheter for obvious reasons.

To be continued.

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