HSCT – Day 17 – Stem cell birthday party

The day you receive your stem cells back during the aHSCT treatment, is regarded as Day 0 of the rest of your new life. It symbolizes being reborn, with the chance of being free from multiple sclerosis. And obviously, an occasion like this deserves a birthday party.

New life

The event involves Dr. Denis Fedorenko congratulating every treated patient on that day, with their successful stem cell transplant. He gives each and every friend a symbol of new hope and faith with their new life free of multiple sclerosis.

The blue Iris flower on a pin.

Most of the other patients in the transplantation ward attend this event unless they are in isolation. Making them sit in their rooms listening to everyone else having a good time and eating cake. There is lots of emotion, kind words and tears involved. Especially tears, from the guys in isolation eating their microwaved apples…

The tour guide – Also known as машина

For most of us, that travel there for aHSCT, get a chance to meet a Russian guy named Alexey Derkatch. He is mainly a tour guide that you can book to take you around town in the few first days of your stay when you don’t have to be at the hospital. I highly recommend booking a tour with him if you are ever in Moscow. He is like MacGyver, give him a pack of gum and a few cigarets and he will make anything happen for you.

The cake

Can’t forget about the cake. It’s up to each patient if they want to buy a cake to bring and share with the crowd at the birthday party or not. But it has become some kind of tradition for the most part I believe.

Alexey was actually the one who put me in contact with this amazing 15-year-old confectioner, who was able to take a special cake delivery in a very short time in regards to the stem cell birthday party.

His name is Иван Чупов, or Ivan Chupov in English. And the cake he made for me was hands down the best cake I’ve ever had.

Check him out on Instagram


This cake didn’t just taste amazingly good, the artist was able to capture the essence in the message I wanted to send with the cake design, very well!

Kick the money out of Big Pharma! And as we all know, Bitcoin is the real money.

As you might imagine, I’m starting to have an issue with the so-called “Big Pharma” companies. Because it seems to me like they are doing everything in their power to suppress treatment that actually works, in favor of selling expensive drugs, with very low effect on progression and serious side-effects.

You can’t even imagine the amount of money these companies make on these drugs, so it seems logical for me that they could possibly be playing some strategies here to maximize profit. I’m not going to go all conspiracy mode yet tho, before I get some more facts straight.

It is possible im just frustrated because I’m in this position myself.

Let’s rather touch on that subject on a future blog post with some hard evidence backing eventual claims, before making any accusaions.

The cake is regardless, a masterpiece.

And real tasty too!

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